Votifier live!

Running /vote has never been more rewarding. No seriously. We just finished installing the plugin today!

Help support the official server and be rewarded with at least 5 diamonds per day! You can never have too many diamonds. So every day, we're giving them out for free. It's a great way to promote the server as well! More people will come. Which means more people will have diamonds. Which means you can get diamonds! Also, you get in game cash so you can trade diamonds! So many diamonds. I did mention diamonds, right?

10-28-2018 01:47 EST | quantomworks

Lapito's for Minecraft 1.12.2!

It's finally here. But you may be wondering, how do you install it? Check out this fan-made video on how to install Lapito's Galacticraft!

Additionally, the modpack can now be found our curse! What else? New bots, new hosting, new map, new everything! Everything is new. E v e r y t h i n g! Join us now at lapitos.thebobsgamingnetwork.net. More updates, as always, are coming soon.

5-18-2018 03:24 EST | quantomworks

A Whole New World! Lapito's Galacticraft remade.

We have updated the server! In it, the Modpack now includes IBCM-Classic as it's primary explosive source! Made by Built Broken Studios, this mod aims to bring back the numerous explosives (with properly coded non-server crashing triggers). Take advantage of this with the world reset!

That would be a Redmatter bomb. Inside of a Redmatter bomb. So multiple explosives and bombs merged into one! (NSA is gonna be the first to see this page due to the use of "bomb" on a home page know it.) In the background, you have MFFS, a mod that protects against such explosives. Currently in the works to be included in our pack. Join the server and stay tuned for updates!

3-29-2018 01:18 EST | quantomworks

Under New Management!

We are proud to launch TBGN! TheBobs Gaming Network. Inspired by a certain clan in Lapitos. In which, we host a new modpack. Lapitos! Be in awe by our awesome dev and admin team. Of course, by dev team we mean quantom and by admin team we mean everyone else. He's even the one writing this in his fancy new dev program. What a loser.

They call me everything from daddy to some hashtag with a "blame " prefix. Anyway, our point is this. Lapitos and all other future modpacks are owned and operated by TBGN. Capeesh? Awesome. Now join our discord and git gud before you join the server. The only crashing that will be happening is a missle into your base if you're not careful.

3-12-2018 23:44 EST | quantomworks


Run it now.

The current pack is live and includes the following major mods..

  • Applied Energistics
  • Big Reactors
  • Buildcraft
  • Computercraft
  • Custom NCPs
  • Defense Tech
  • Draconic Evolution
  • Galacticraft
  • Industrial Craft
  • Mekanism
  • Not Enough Items
  • Nuclear Craft
  • Open Modular Turrets
  • Modular Powersuits
  • Railcraft
  • Thermal Expansion
  • So much more... But if I listed them all here it wouldn't look pretty. You should just download the pack to find out.