Donator Ranks

Donator ranks for The Bobs Gaming Network work a bit differently. We offer 3 ranks in return for monthly support for the server and the promotion of and wellbeing of the community. PayPal payments are the accepted form, but you don't have to have a PayPal account to pay through their link. 

With payments reoccuring, the rank is automatically assigned to your account once you purchase and kept while you maintain your monthly contributions. You can cancel at any time on this page or on your PayPal dashboard. 

For a limited time, all ranks have a free trial period of 1 week!

Tier 1

$1.99 a month

We appreciate your contributions and hope you enjoy your time on lapito's galacticraft! This rank is great for a head start into the land of space and comes with the energy and materials neccessary to begin powering your space base.

  • 4 advanced solar panels (R)
  • 32 advanced universal cables (R)
  • 1 Tier 4 space rocket
  • 9 Tier 2 launch pads
  • 1 Tier 2 Space Suit Helmet
  • 1 Tier 2 Space Suit Chestplate
  • 1 Tier 2 Space Suit Leggins
  • 1 Tier 2 Space Suit Gravity Boots
  • 1 Contageous Missile (R)
  • 1 Breaching Missile (R)
  • 1 EMP Missile (R)
  • 1 Launcher Support Frame T2
  • 1 Launcher Platform T2
  • 1 Tracker
  • 1 Launcher Control Panel T2
Minecraft Username

Tier 2

$4.99 a month

A great burst for a great mid teir price. This one is best suited for those who want to venture off deeper into space and be equipt with a moderate level of defense and destruction with their base.

  • Coming soon

Tier 3

$9.99 a month

An almost literal bang for your buck, we give you the most destructive power you can have (with out making it a crazy pay-to-win scheme. Sorry, we have to be fair). You get high teir missles and a deep space kit for you to start preparing for the ones that want to raid and roam on your far off planet.

  • Coming Soon

Some things to note

  • All ranks get access to the commands of their predacessors. (Example, Teir 2 gets access to all of Teir 1's commands)
  • Each rank has access to /tier and /teirrefresh commands. Teir commands come with the base kits and reset every month while teirrefresh commands have a cooldown of 24-48 hours indicated with an (R). 
  • You can unsubscribe at any time. When you do, your command access will fall off at the 1st of the month.
  • Please wait 4-24 hours for your rank to be assigned to the server. (A faster process will be coming soon)

We use part of your CPU to earn cryptocurrency

You can allow this to help us, or cancel it. Thanks.